La petite fabrique de Brunswick


Fabrique is a french world, defined as:

  • Small factory designed to transform raw materials into manufactured goods which could be delivered to be trade.
  • Building where is manufactured objects for different uses of life.


La petite fabrique de Brunswick is a ceramic studio created in 2014 by Lucile, a young designer, born in south of France. She moved to Australia at the start of the summer 2014, and are now living in Brunswick. She set up her ceramics studio, and is working now in a shed in the garden of her house.


With this technique, she produces bowls, cups, teapots… And creates some patterns and drawings by using pigments to colour the porcelain.

Each ceramic is unique and special, but it doesn't mean that you can't put them in the dishwasher or in the micro wave!

And of course: Food safe!








100% Handmade

Here she makes all kinds of slip cast ceramics, which she has made for the last few years. From the prototype, the mold, the casting to the glazing,everything is done in Brunswick ! And for the firing, I don’t go far, since she is living across the road from Northcote Pottery where there is a kiln!